Scheduled Repairs


Having problems with your unit?  Central Air blowing hot?  Unit making funny noises?  Does your heat seem to struggle to achieve or maintain temperature?  Does your system have a funny smell?  We can help with all these and more. 

Many companies charge a separate fee for diagnosing the problem after you have paid a “trip charge” for the service person to come to your home.  With Veritas Heating and Cooling, you pay only one low price for trip and a half-hour of diagnosing.  Parts and additional labor or additional.    

Call 518-389-8613 and schedule an appointment today! 

Emergency Repairs


For those times when it just can’t wait.  Wake up in the middle of the night to water leaking everywhere? Has your heating system broke? Do you have a household member of compromised health and your cooling system isn’t working properly?

Call anytime 24 hours a day for emergency repair service 518-698-2942.  Don’t hesitate, your call will be answered, or returned, in the middle of the night.

Fees for this vary, but always include the “trip charge” and a half-hour of diagnostic in one price.  We will provide the price when you call for emergency service, before we come out, so you are informed.  Additional parts and labor are extra.